Financial Management


The amounts of each apartment are calculated according to the rules of the building. If there is no building regulation then the costs are calculated according to the public law..


Our software can produce different notification-papers for each apartment and the tenants are informed with details about their monthly expenses.

We can produce 2 central prints monthly with all the necessary information for each apartment and we can include discounts for the properties that are uninhabited.

Moreover, we can send and deliver the expenses in 24 hours.


Our company can be responsible for the payment of all the bills of your building, including public electricity (DEH), heating oil, cleaning services, elevator maintenance etc.


With the help of our On-Line system we can watch and observe the financial status of your apartment or building and you can be always informed of the uncollected expenses.


Moreover, with our On-Line system you are able to spot the time that your property’s expenses are paid and the place.


Furthermore, you are able to find and print whenever you want the expenses that you paid to our company about your property and the uncollected expenses too.


Moreover, our company has its own technicians for elevator maintenace, cleaning services, unblocking drains and it is collaborating with a large number technicians and you can find one from our web-site

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