Accounting Services

The main body of the Greek economy is comprised of small businesses and self-employed. People with diligence and care set up and operated their business. The role of tax adviser focused on ensuring both the proper organization of the business, and the full accounting - tax consulting cover, leaving the operator to deal only with what is familiar.

Our company provide us a number of services:

  Update and check books in accordance with the applicable provisions.
  Checking and commercial management agreement - books (purchases, sales)
  Monthly budget - determining taxable income.
  Drafting and signing electronic submission of all tax returns.
  Electronic archiving of all statements and documents
  Preventive tax audit of all your business tax articles.
  Effective treatment for controls.
  Preparation and submission of appeals.


Personnel staff


  Kargakis Stefanos Accountant A Class, BSc, University of Macedonia
  Kalomana Efrosyni Account B Class, BSc, Accounting & Finance, University of Macedonia
    Msc, Business Administration, University of Macedonia
  Goudi Foteini Accountant B Class, BSc, University of Macedonia
  Tsakliadou Mairi Accountant C Class, Technical Institute of Thessaloniki




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