Our Company


Our company “Organosi” is located in the city of Thessaloniki and it trades in the financial management of buildings and block of flats the last 25 years. Furthermore, our 9 branch offices can always be close to our clients and our expertise people are our competitive advantage.

Moreover, we have invested a lot in our technological equipment with our online system. Our software is the most complete and adequate program for the financial control of a building. Our customers can visit whichever of the 9 branches and the can pay or be informed of their property. Apart from that, we can create passwords for each property and as a results the property owners can observe the uncollected expenses.

Except for these, our company has its own professionals for the maintenance of your elevators and its own track for distributing heating oil. Delivery time will be exactly the one you actually asked for, without delays and the quality of our fuel is of high standards with certificates from all competent institutions. Last but not least, our prices are the most competitive of oil market. Our technical team has all the necessary expertise and training to solve any technical issue. Our qualified and experienced staff work on management and support of buildings in a highly organized and secure way.

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