Unblocking Drains


We know that an emergency with your drains can be a real drama. Especially when water or sewage is flooding your home or garden. Consequently, we have the expertise to deal with blockages, overflows or floods - and to get your life back to normal.


Whatever the size of the problem, we’ll find the source and fix it safely and effectively with our own service employees.

A blocked drain could cause damage to your home – and the smell isn’t pretty either. If you can keep your drains functioning properly and deal with little problems, you'll find you can keep blockages and bigger issues at bay.
We think prevention is better than a cure. So here are some helpful tips and tricks to keep your drains running smoothly.

Hot water
One of the easiest ways to keep your drains free from blockages is to pour boiling water down them regularly. Doing this once a week can help remove the build up of fats, oil and grease that can cause issues later on.

Baking soda and vinegar
Using strong chemical cleaners on your drains isn’t always a good idea. The best solution is a combination of baking soda and vinegar poured down the drain, followed by hot water. You’ll hear a small chemical reaction when you do this. That’s a good thing. It means stubborn dirt and grime is being removed. Repeat two to three times a year.


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